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Did you know the top 3 in Google results attract 70% of all website traffic?

What you’ll get.

We have made three unique audit tools available free of charge: Google SEA scan, Google SEO audit and a personal meeting with our social media experts to see how you can use social media ads to drive customers back to your website. All tools have a common goal, namely: to make your website score better in all respects. Get more return from your marketing and use our Marketing Grader tools.

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Google Ads Scan

Everyone with a Google Ads (AdWords) account should perform a thorough audit of their account from time-to-time. Doing regular Google Ads audits are important because it allows you to review your Google Ads account performance and identify areas that need improvement. The goal of the audit is to find areas where you are underperforming so you can get better results and save money on your Google Ads. See how your Google Ads are doing with our Google SEA audit.

Google SEO Scan

Achieving the optimal Google SEO rankings is the ultimate goal. Get all the valuable insights you need to beat your competitors in organic search results.

Social Ads Scan

Want to know how social media can take your business to the next level? Speak to one of our experts and see how we can lead visitors (back) to your website.